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Hugo Daniel


High Performance JavaScript - Threading and async programming

A dedicated module to learn all about the intricacies of Promises, async/await and WebWorkers

I am a certified trainer and I am currently available to teach and train. This is one of the workshops I have prepared for teams up to 15 elements.

In this module we will work through the basics of high performance programming in JavaScript. It starts with how to properly measure the running time and memory of your solutions and detect the compromises of high performance programming as they arise.

We will then proceed to look at the threading model of JavaScript and how to best take advantage of it using modern techniques such as Promises, async/await functions, generators/consumers and WebWorkers.

This is a great introductory module for your team and fellow colleagues, together we will work through a set of techniques that will immediately improve the toolset available when facing problems and also the quality of the solutions produced.


This module is available in several formats, from the simplest and fastest version which takes a morning or afternoon to a full course module of 20 hours or its extended version of up to 35 hours for extra exercises and challenges.


Please contact me for more info: