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Hugo Daniel


High Performance JavaScript - graphics programming

A dedicated module to learn all about the different approachs to render graphics in JavaScript

I am a certified trainer and I am currently available to teach and train. This is one of the workshops I have prepared for teams up to 15 elements.

This module is a deep dive into the different approaches to render graphics with JavaScript. We start by learning about the browser architecture and how it renders graphics with the technologies available to the developer. We then will analyze and work with SVG for vectorial graphics, Canvas, WebGL and CSS/DOM. The compromises of each of these techs are studied in depth through several examples and exercises.

We will then proceed to look at some libraries that help with rendering graphics and their proposed approaches to the compromises of each tech.

This is a great module to improve the skills of your team and fellow colleagues in regards to graphics rendering latency and pushing the limits of the available hardware to produce beautiful solutions.


This module is available in several formats, the simplest and fastest version takes 20 hours and can be extended up to 35 hours for extra exercises and challenges.


Please contact me for more info: